About Us

    God frequently provides IAEC with other opportunities for ministry once we have arrived in country.

    Many times we have had the opportunity to meet with both civilian and/or military leadership of a nation. These visits include sometimes meeting with the Minister of Defense or other political leaders. Many times we’ve been welcomed by the Chief of the Defense Staff and other senior commanders. Each of these visits provide us the opportunity to learn more about the military culture of the country, to see how the leaders view a chaplaincy, and pray with them when appropriate.

    Opportunities for interviews are sometimes available. IAEC trainers have been interviewed by radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Bulgarian Christian Television online. While each of these venues is different, trainers have been able to share their testimonies, talk about the value of having a chaplaincy, and discuss the work of IAEC. The Closing Ceremony for the IAEC Basic Chaplaincy Course in Liberia was even broadcast on two different radio stations.

    God has opened the doors to speak about the role of a chaplain and the significance of a chaplaincy on a couple of different occasions. Examples are a Bible Institute and a Military Academy. Each of these provided the opportunity to talk about the difference chaplains make in the lives of soldiers, their families, and the readiness of a unit.

    Trainers are frequently asked to preach at local churches in the Host Nation. This is a privilege and blessing for us as we worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in their culture and their language.